31 Best things you can make money from selling right now

make money from selling

Are you unsure what to sell? There are other options than selling your treasured possessions. Here are some ways to make money from selling items you didn’t know were valuable
make money from selling online is a great way to spread the truth of “one man’s trash, another man’s treasure”. Our handy list shows that it is possible to make money from selling everyday, low-priced items and even things you would otherwise throw away.
Although rarer items may fetch the highest prices on sites like eBay.com, it would be foolish to ignore smaller streams of income. All of these little sales add up.
Every corner of your home can make you money. Knowing where to look is all that is required..

What are you able to make money from selling in the marketplace?

Are you looking to make extra money? These are the top things you can sell:

Toys for children

It could pay off if you are unable to let go of old favorites.
It is worth going through your childhood toys and looking on eBay for the best prices. You may even have one or more of these toys. They could be worth thousands of dollars!

Don’t throw away your old clothes

You don’t need to have a closet full of clothes. Instead, you can use websites and apps to make money from selling clothes online.
Although vintage and branded clothes are easier to make money from selling than other items, you could still make a decent profit selling them. Make sure they look good, take photos, and give accurate descriptions.

Gift certificates

make money from selling

Gift cards are the most popular ‘didn’t know what to get you’ gift. What if you have to use credit from a store that you’ve never bought from?
You can make money from selling it as long as it isn’t expired. It won’t take long for the gift card to be taken if you ask for less than its value.

Coat hangers

Have you got a wardrobe full of hangers that are more than clothes? You can make money from selling them! Although they won’t sell for much, it’s still better than nothing. You can usually get 50p online if you have matching hangers.

Wine corks

Wine corks can be used to make crafts. They are also great for make money from selling.
You can make about 10p per wine cork if you consume enough good stuff to build a collection. Champagne corks are worth as much as 15p each (literally). Facebook Marketplace can be a great option to do this. You can make money from selling locally while saving money on shipping.

Your hair

Although this may not be something you think of first when you are looking for things to make money from selling, you can make some serious money by selling your hair .
To make the most of your hair, you need it to be healthy and long. You should also find a buyer before you cut your hair. Some companies won’t take hair that hasn’t been cut recently.

Parking space for cars that are not being used

You have a private parking spot but no car? It’s amazing how much you can make by renting your car parking space. And even more if you live close to a city center.
If you rent, always make sure to speak with your landlord. It could be considered subletting.

For testing, your body

It may surprise you to learn that you can earn approximately PS100 per day by taking part in drug trials. These can be paid in thousands depending on the trial.
You can also sign up for product test websites. You’ll be reimbursed for testing new products and not your body.

Loo roll from the past

We’re not even joking. You can make money from all those cardboard tubes that you and your flatmates have been collecting because of laziness.
One person has sold 800 of them for PS48 and PS22 P&P. But, it’s more realistic to make money from selling old toilet paper for only 10p each. It’s still better than giving them away for free.

Do you have a personal website? make money from selling ad space is one of the best ways to make a living from your website.
You can reach out to specific companies or apply to ad networks such as Google Adsense. You might be interested in advertising to them if they are make money from selling products that fall within the same niche as you.


These are not photos of you and your friends getting drunk on Marbella’s beaches. But if you have a sharp eye and a creative mind , you can make a lot of money with your photos . To make money with your photos, you don’t need a fancy camera.

Mobile phones from the past

You have some phones that you don’t use anymore?
Instead of letting them sit around ‘just in case’ they need to be used (which is unlikely), why not make money from selling your old smartphone for cash? They could fetch you a few hundred pounds.

Your opinion

If anyone can make you feel that your opinion is really important, it’s when they offer to pay you.
Register to paid surveys and review videos for cash. Or, offer your expert opinion about new music on Slicethepie .

Your knowledge

Profitable topics are those that you are passionate about and have a good knowledge.
You can offer private tutoring or take on freelance work within your field of expertise. This is a great way to make extra income and it looks great on your resume .

Your services

To make money with your services, you don’t have to be an expert. You can earn money by helping others do small, usually DIY-related tasks using apps like Task Rabbit. To receive a payment, it’s worth signing up for task apps in your area.

Your language skills

Do you have the gift of speaking a second, third, or fourth …) languages? Your language skills could be a source of income. There are many options, from translating text to creating language resources.

Books from the university years

We’ll be honest: you won’t ever need them again. The faster you make money from selling textbooks (i.e. The more money you make for your textbooks if the edition is still current, the better.
You should also consider shipping costs as books packed in parcels can be quite heavy and expensive to ship. You could also make money from selling the books to students the following year!

Video, CDs, and DVDs from the past

There are films that we haven’t seen more than once, or at all, and games that we just got tired of. There are places where you can make money from selling your DVDs, CDs, and games to make quick cash.
The price you get depends on the item. However, you can expect to pay 50p for CDs, PS1.50 DVDs and PS15 video games.

Empty jars

Are you big on condiments? Get paid to recycle your containers online to make jam. For glass coffee jars, you can earn around 50p per jar and about PS1 each.
Follow your steps
You can earn money by walking. Apps like Sweatcoin give you coins for how many steps you take. You can also walk dogs and become a billboard. There are many ways to make money and stay fit.

Empty boxes

It is quite common to find second-hand goods online without a box. Therefore, shoppers will often pay extra for empty boxes in order to make the item look brand new when they give it as gifts.
Surprised to see empty boxes for iPhones and PlayStations are best to make money from selling for decent amounts of money?

Instruction manuals

Are you looking for manuals to help you use items that aren’t in use or don’t need? Manuals for sound systems and computers are very popular on eBay.

Remote controls

This is yet another strange way to make money. But it’s hilarious how every household seems have a spare remote controller stuffed in a drawer. No one can be remember its original purpose.
You could get a tenner if you have one lying around.

Broken electronic devices

Although this niche is more specific, it’s still possible to make money from selling broken items on eBay.
It’s possible to make money from selling the item if you are clear about its inability to work and that it is being sold ‘for parts’.
Your tech could be sold to companies that refurbish secondhand electrical goods. Take a look at Music Magpie’s offer prices.

Egg cartons

This one might be for people who have chickens but aren’t able or willing to eat them fast enough. Perhaps someone is looking for soundproofing at a low price?
No matter what the reason, empty egg cartons are still being sold online. You can buy 50 boxes of empty egg cartons for around five dollars on eBay.

Personalised gifts

You could start your own eCommerce store if you are a bit creative and business-minded.
Some people make a small profit, while others turn it into a full-time business. You can research what’s make money from selling and add your own twist to it. There are many options.

Money is more valuable than its actual value

Collectors are chasing rarer coins and offering huge money to buy old coins for complete collections. Take a look at your wallet before spending any coins.

Empty perfume bottles

Yes, this is a tricky one. But sometimes it is better to not ask.
You don’t want to throw out your empty perfume bottles, so put them up on eBay for sale and see what happens. You might be surprised…

Beauty and make-up samples

You’ll be notified of beauty freebies almost every day if you are on our email list and in our Facebook Group.
While we love free stuff it is true that not all will be to our liking. Why not collect the samples that you don’t like and make a sample collection online?

Aluminium cans

You can also make money from selling empty aluminum cans. You can sell them by visiting Think Cans website. They will help you find a recycling center near you that will purchase them. This is another way to make some money by recycling.

Empty ink cartridges

An empty ink cartridge will happen if you own a printer . And a new one isn’t cheap! It would be very wrong to throw out the old one.

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There are companies such as The Recycling Factory who will buy your empty cartridges and recycle them. The recycling factory will pay you cash, and the cartridges won’t end-up in a landfill.

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