Best Free audiobooks: listen on Audible & more

Free audiobooks: listen on Audible & more

Tips to get Best Free audiobooks because Audiobooks can be a great way for you to listen to your favorite authors. This luxury can come with a cost, so we have tips for how to get audiobooks free of charge on the most popular services.

You can save money on physical books by borrowing one from a friend or buying them second-hand. However, audiobooks are not as easy to afford – they are not available for purchase.

There are still many ways to save money, including Best Free audiobooks and free Audible credit. You can read on, but not in audiobook format, to learn how.

14 ways to get Best Free audiobooks or very cheap

Here are the steps to receive Best Free audiobooks from Audible and other platforms.

Get Best Free audiobooks in your university library 

Before you start searching for websites that offer Best Free audiobooks, make sure to check if your university has them.
Although there is no guarantee they will, it’s worth taking a look. Audiobook collections often include non-academic subjects as well as fiction.
Don’t worry if audiobooks aren’t available from your university . Find your local library to check their website or give them a phone call.
It’s digital so you won’t have to return something late or get a library fine. Ideal.

  Listen to Best Free audiobooks in the public domain 

The copyright to a book is lost when it expires. This makes the work ‘public domain’. The book is now open to copy, sale, adaptation, or performance by anyone, without the need for permission or payment.
“Performed” is the most important word here. It means that people can record their own audiobook version or a published work and release them often for free.
Copyright can last for many decades, even after the death of an author. Older Works are the most well-known works (and audiobooks) in public domain. You will find War and Peace and Jane Eyre as well as all Shakespeare’s classics.
Websites that list these audiobooks might also include lesser-known, but still modern works that aren’t copyrighted. Take a look at the following sites to see what you can find.

Best Best Free audiobooks websites



Loyal books

Open Culture

Project Gutenberg (which lists eBooks and is one the best websites to students).

  Stream Best Free audiobooks 

Best Free audiobooks

Are you looking for new titles? You might be interested in two platforms: BBC Sounds or Spotify.
You can also use the BBC’s app online to access Best Free audiobooks. To enjoy them, you don’t even require a TV Licence (although you will not need one to view tele if you use this TV Licence hack).
Spotify is free or paid. The service is free, but you will have to endure ads and can’t download any content for offline listening. Subscribers are not affected by these issues. You can sign up for a complimentary trial of Spotify to test it out for a month without paying any additional fees for audiobooks.
After your free trial ends, sign up for Spotify Student membership. You can cancel at any time. This is half the price of a regular subscription, and you get unlimited access to Headspace, which is a great tool for self-care .
You can find Best Free audiobooks on Spotify by going to the search bar and entering ‘audiobooks’.

  30-day free trial of Audible 

Although there are many other websites that offer Best Free audiobooks (including some we have already mentioned), Audible is the most important player in this game.
The Amazon-owned audio platform offers a huge selection of audiobooks. It includes almost all the most recent big-name releases. Audible also offers a variety of podcasts from creators such as Sarah Millican, Stephen Fry and Derren Brown.
Usually, the service costs you a monthly subscription of PS7.99. However, new customers can sign up for a free trial that entitles them to one free Audible credit to download one audiobook. If you do not want to pay, cancel your subscription before the 30 day period is up.

  Get paid to listen to an audiobook 

It’s not possible to get something for nothing, but getting paid to do it. You can make a profit with Kobo thanks to the miracle that is cashback websites.
Kobo offers a wide selection of Best Free audiobooks like Audible. Kobo also offers a 30-day trial that gives you access for free to the audiobook of your choosing.
As if this wasn’t enough, Quidco and TopCashback offered cashback to anyone who signed up for the Kobo free trial. This is a modest amount (just over PS1.50 depending on the site you use) but it’s nothing to be ashamed of.
Remember to cancel your free trial to avoid it being automatically renewed at PS6.99 per month. Also, check out our guide cashback sites for more information about their operation.

  Get Best Free audiobooks on Audible 

Audible is a paid service. However, there are limited Best Free audiobooks.
You can find 10 Best Free audiobooks by going to the page of Audible’s website. Although the selection is constantly changing, it tends to include a wide range of titles, including bestsellers, Audible Original podcasts, and classics.

  Best Free audiobooks for the visually impaired 

It’s worth visiting the RNIB virtual library if you or someone you care about is visually impaired.
This service offers a variety of audiobooks for children and adults. It is free for those who are blind, partially sighted, or have an impairment that makes it difficult or impossible to read standard print.
The RNIB boasts the UK’s largest accessible library of books, including over 32,000 titles that can be downloaded via your smartphone, tablet, or computer.
The RNIB’s official website provides information and registration.

  Get Best Free audiobooks on Alexa 

Best Free audiobooks

We already mentioned that Audible is now owned by Amazon. This is when it really begins to pay off.
Three audiobooks are offered free each month via Alexa (including Fire TV sticks). You don’t have to be an Audible subscriber in order to listen to the Harry Potter or Treasure Island audiobooks.
You can view the current selection on Audible’s website, or ask your Alexa device “Alexa what’s free at Audible?” To have the list read to you,

  Review Best Free audiobooks 

We love being rewarded for what we think. We are always open to sharing our opinions in exchange for some sweetener, whether it’s through paid surveys or product testing.
You can only imagine our excitement when we discovered that NetGalley allows you to listen to audiobooks for free in exchange for reviewing.
The theory is that anyone can become a member. Although NetGalley says they are looking for “readers with influence”, they clarify that they mean “anyone who recommends books” and not “anyone who reads them”.
It’s important to note that audiobooks can be listened to and reviewed on NetGalley in two ways: either instantly or by asking the publisher.
You can leave a review on the audiobooks in the Listen Now Section, but you will need to request access. Requests for audiobooks are more restricted and may result in rejections.
Before deciding whether to accept your request, publishers will review your profile. It is important to fill out the profile with information about how often you read books and where you leave reviews. If you are an influencer, mention it! If you are a member of book clubs,
NetGalley is only for new books. You won’t find titles that you are familiar with. You won’t be limited to reviewing books by small-time authors. Big publishers, with well-known authors, list audiobooks on NetGalley. Some titles have even been awarded major literary prizes.

  Check out audiobook deals 

Although you might not be able to find everything for free, you can always purchase audiobooks at a discount on each service’s deals section.
Audible Google Play Kobo and any other audiobook platform will have titles at a discounted price. These may be daily offers or longer-running deals, but it’s worth checking out if you don’t have a specific audiobook in mind.
You can also use sites such as BookBub or EReaderIQ to receive alerts whenever audiobooks are on sale or price drops. You can also use them to browse the best audiobook deals across sites, and then use the price tracker for an accurate estimate of how much you would be saving.

  Access thousands of audiobooks with Kindle Unlimited


 Have a Kindle eBook reader? You can also use the Kindle app for your tablet or phone. This one is for you.
A Kindle Unlimited subscription costs PS7.99 per month and gives you unlimited access over 1,000,000 books from the Kindle library. It also includes selected magazine subscriptions. You may not be aware that you can also listen to thousands Best Free audiobooks.
View the full list of audiobooks that are available under this scheme on Amazon. To see how much you can get from the service, sign up for a free trial before you commit to a subscription. We have all the details in our guide to best free trials.

  Buy the Kindle version of a book first 

Best Free audiobooks

You may be surprised to find out that the cost of purchasing multiple Kindle eBooks can be less than if the title was purchased separately.
Even if you have never purchased the Kindle version for a book, or don’t intend to, it is worth it.
To find out how much it will cost to add Audible narration to an audiobook you are searching for, click the “Buy Now” button. You don’t have to own a Kindle device in order to access the Kindle Library – there are apps available for both phones and tablets.
For example, Jon Ronson’s You’ve been Publicly Shamed was currently available on Kindle for PS5.99. The option to add Audible narration to the purchase for PS3.99 (making it PS9.98 total). The audiobook was PS3.14 less expensive than the book, but it cost PS13.12.
You can save money by purchasing books in the Kindle Sale, where titles are as low as 99p
The Kindle edition of Fathering Sunday by Graham Swift was currently on sale for 99p. The audiobook, however, costs PS18.37. Buying both would have saved you an incredible PS12.89.

  Get audiobooks refunded on Audible 

An audiobook is a better option than a printed book that you can flip through quickly if you buy in person.
Audible allows you to return an audiobook if you are unhappy with your purchase or simply regret it. If you didn’t enjoy the narration, but enjoyed the audiobook, this right can still be exercised. However we urge you to not abuse this right to a return.
Apart from the ethical aspect of it (audiobooks are expensive and take time to create), Audible could catch on if you have a history of returning them.
Audible explains their returns policy. Audible states they reserve the rights to monitor your returns for any abuse, which can include “excessive return” or “frequent return of titles following prolonged listening.” They can limit how many returns you are allowed to make or remove you from the program entirely if they feel you have crossed the line.

  Get half-price Audible for three months 

Companies will hateit if you leave them. This is why it’s a great time to bargain for a better deal. Except that you don’t have to haggle with Audible. They usually offer a 50% discount (PS3.99 instead PS7.99) for three month to keep you on their service.
We use the term “usually” because, although people report success with this trick, it is far from certain. Nele one of our editors said that although she has had some success with this trick in the past, she has also been offered generous deals or nothing.

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You can give it a try by simply starting the cancellation process. Select ‘It is too expensive’ as your reason to leave and press confirm. This is when you should be offered a deal for staying – regardless of whether it’s a half price membership or something else.
There is always a possibility that your offer won’t be accepted. In this case, your account will be cancelled. You can sign up again to continue listening to Best Free audiobooks that you have purchased, but you will lose any remaining Audible credits. Don’t wait until your credits run out before you try this trick.

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