12 Best things to recycle for money

recycle for money

12 things to recycle for money

Before throwing anything away Read the following list. We’ll review some of the most effective simple and profitable items you can recycle for money.
It’s no secret that recycling your old things is a crucial method to reduce the carbon footprint of your home. What is often not understood is that in addition to being good for the environment recycling is also an effective way to earn money.

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In this article, we won’t be discussing things such as cardboard and paper which you can place into your recycle bin (although we do hope that you recycle for money in this way as well).
Instead, we’ll concentrate on how you can earn cash from recycling clothes phones, plastic bags, and a host of other things could otherwise be thrown into the garbage.

The best things to recycle for money

Below are top twelve things you can be paid to recycle for money:

Mobile phones

There are a lot of fantastic recycle for money schemes for phones that will give you cash or vouchers to exchange your old phone.
With these programs it is possible to receive a direct payment for the old phone or you could be able to receive a gift card toward a new one.
The amount you’ll get will be determined by several factors, including the model, brand, and the condition of the phone. While you’ll be paid more for working phones however, it’s still possible to reuse damaged phones to earn money, too.
A few examples of recycling phone schemes include O2 Recycle, EE Recycle and Giffgaff recycle for money. We provide more information about each one and provide a list of other good recycling firms as part of our comprehensive guide on the sale of old phone at the most affordable price.


To prevent your old clothes from being thrown away It can be very beneficial to research ways to recycle for money your clothes.
For instance, Rapanui (one of the top sustainable fashion labels) offers circular supply chains. This means that once their clothes are used up and are no longer needed, they can be sent back to them for free, and then recycle for money.
If you send in those worn-out Rapanui clothing, they’ll be transformed into brand new products and you’ll be given an offer that grants you a discount on the next time you shop with the clothes.
Another excellent way to recycle for money clothes is to use the ReGAIN app. Through this program you can give your clothes to charities to ensure they don’t end in the garbage dump. In exchange, they’ll give you coupons that will save you discounts on clothes.
Furthermore Some fashion retailers on the high street offer their own clothing recycling programs. A well-known instance could be that of the H&M Garment Collecting program that offers the PS5 gift card for clothing (from every brand and not only H&M vouchers).


Are you looking to market your soles? The recycling program of schuh lets you accomplish that.
For reusing shoes, through The Selling Your Soles program it is possible to bring your old shoes to an schuh shop, including those that weren’t purchased at the schuh. The shoes will be reused and you’ll be given the PS5 gift card for every pair you give away. The T&Cs of the program here..
Additionally, Runners Need stores usually have recycling bins for runners’ shoes. It’s not always possible to get an incentive to recycle for money to your shoes however, we’ve seen their limited-time promotional offer that gave out PS20 in vouchers old running shoes.
If we find similar deals, we’ll write about the offers in our deals page as well as our the Facebook group.


If you are purchasing a laptop you should try selling the old one through an recycling program – it’s an excellent way to earn some money as well ashelp the environment.
For instance, if you decide to sell your laptop via MusicMagpie’s recycling program They will either recycle for money it or refurbish it and sell it to someone else.
It’s very easy selling your computer to MusicMagpie. You’ll have to first tell them the model, maker, and condition of the device and they’ll provide you with an instant, no-cost price. Then, you can take the laptop to them at no cost and be paid within next day.
Another option one of the best is Laptops Direct. For the best price for your laptop, solicit quotations from a variety of businesses to evaluate the prices.

Aluminium cans

To earn some money from the old cans You could consider selling them through recycling centers.
There’s a list of recycling centers located in the UK on the Think Cans website.
It’s important to know that, despite having been told about making cash from cans but this is just an expression of speech. Scrap metal dealers aren’t permitted to pay for metal using cash, so they must be paid via electronic transfer or by cheque.

Plastic bags made of plastic

recycle for money

If you’ve got many plastic bags more than you’ll ever need at home, this is your chance to reuse the bags and make some money by doing it.
Certain supermarkets as well as the online stores for food will pay you in exchange for plastic bags that you have discarded.
Ocado is going to pay you 10p per Ocado bag they give them. While you are able to donate any kind of plastic bag you’re willing to reuse, they’ll take bags purchased that are from Ocado.
They recycle for money 89% of the bags which are returned to them, however they claim in the website that they’re working hard to increase that number.
In other supermarkets You may also find that certain (but certainly not every) locations have recycling programs which will offer you a cash payment for old bottles or plastic bags. Visit your local grocery store to check if they’ve an recycling program or help you find the nearest store with a recycling scheme.

Amazon gadgets

The best ways to earn money from Amazon is reuse your old gadgets through their Trade-In program.
They will accept a variety of devices, not just one purchased from Amazon. Alongside products such as Kindles or Amazon Echos, they’ll also accept certain phones, games consoles, and many more.
If you return your old electronic devices You’ll be given the Amazon credit card. Find more information about the entire selection of eligible devices here..

Toilet roll tubes

Yes, you read it exactly. Instead of throwing your used toilet rolls You could earn profits by selling the tubes.
In reality, old toilet roll tubes are among the most popular items for sale online. They can be used for many different purposes like gardening as well as arts and crafts, and pet toys.
You can earn up to 10p for each roll when you sell the rolls through the website eBay. Since you’d be disposing of them free of charge It’s an easy method to earn money.
If you’re ever running low on toilet paper Consider looking into environmentally friendly brands that don’t use plastic packaging. Learn more about them in this guide on the top eco-friendly products for your home..

Cartridges for ink

When you’re out of printer ink there is a way to cut costs on buying new ink by utilizing a variety of ways.
In the beginning, you’ll have the option of refilling the cartridges with fresh ink. This will prevent you from wasting the plastic containers and also helps you reduce printer costs. To do this, take an online look to determine the availability of refilling centers in your area.
Another option is selling empty cartridges online. For instance, The Recycling Factory offers a recycling program which pays you for old cartridges.

Containers for makeup

Credit: I am Kulz – Shutterstock
If you purchase cosmetics or other products for your beauty be sure to look for recycling schemes that take empty containers. Although you may not make money, you may obtain low-cost or free makeup by bringing in empty containers.
Mac as well as Lush are two of the most popular recyclers of makeup.
At MAC There is a chance to get free lipstick when you recycle for money six of their principal packaging containers. At Lush You can receive 50p off your purchases in store for each eligible piece of packaging you reuse (we provide the types of packaging that are eligible qualify for packaging on this Lush deal article).


Do you feel like it’s the right time to buy an all-new bike? Try trading in or selling your current bike so that it can be repaired and then resold.
In Halfords You can earn as much as PS250 as an gift card when you sell your old bicycle. To be qualified, the bike has to be electric, or older that five years. It must also be an Halfords bike that is manufactured by one of the following brands:
The complete requirements for eligibility and details on how to schedule an appointment for a no-cost valuation via Halford’s site.
If you’d rather sell your bike on the internet the following guides on earning money on Amazon as well as on Facebook Marketplace can help. It is also possible to try these successful eBay selling tips.
Another option is to give your bike to a charitable organization, like The Bike Project. They repair second-hand bikes, and then give them away to asylum seekers and refugees.
If you’re interested in donating towards The Bike Project, find the closest drop off location is located on the website.


To provide people with an additional incentive to get rid of litter In order to encourage people to clean up their surroundings, certain bars, restaurants , and coffee shops will give away free drinks to patrons who pick up litter within their locality.
Deals like these are often seen in towns along the coast as a way to reduce garbage accumulated on beaches, however it is possible to find similar initiatives all over the world.
If you want to find out whether it is possible to find deals similar to similar to this in your area, look on the internet. There is a chance that a local newspaper has previously published the local company that is running an initiative similar to this.
You can even go to the local cafe or pub to ask if they’d be interested in offering a promotion discount for those who take care to pick up trash or other plastics in the vicinity. The most likely thing that happens is that they’ll decline but it’s worth asking!

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